Digital Services

Marketing & Communication Services puts the power of digital marketing and creative advertising within the reach of all businesses with a comprehensive mix of digital channels and extreme consumer focus. we delivers creative marketing solutions that are specially customized for your business in Jordan and in the region.

E-Marketing is the first marketing company to offer a diversified array of services to its clients; from creating and implementing marketing plans, full service marketing life cycle campaigns, media plans, and strategic consultations, to SMS marketing, Online store, Social media in addition to a Local and Regional Email marketing campaigns, Web banners and online booking, Mobile Surveys. Content deployment is one of our e-marketing techniques. we can create web banners or text links easily and quickly, and place them on websites within hours.

We are specialized in innovation. Its marketing campaigns are widespread and different. The company works with its clients to customize their campaigns and strategies, with best approaches, and by suggesting creative and innovative marketing ideas that best fit the product, environment, budget, and target market.

Effective targeted marketing is based on focused interactive campaigns that communicate with end-users based on their profile attributes. we utilizes a mix of creative marketing strategies, the latest advertising technologies, and advanced communication applications to enable advertisers to achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Subsequently, our clients can realize optimum return on investment for their advertising budget faster than any other marketing service existing today.